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  • What lights does LITESWICH turn on?
    Your camper/RV has lights built in to it that you cannot turn on unless you are plugged in to your truck. The Liteswich allows you to use the power and lights already in your camper to allow 360 ground vision around your camper.
  • I've seen other campers with their lights on. Don't my camper lights already turn on?
    Have you been to a campground and seen a camper or RV with all of their exterior running / marker / parking lights on - but the camper wasn't plugged in to a truck? They probably had a Liteswich! People spend hundreds of dollars on exterior lighting and customization of their campers. Liteswich allows you switch on the marker, clearance and taillights of your camper that can normally only be turned on when the camper is plugged in to your truck. Your camper doesn't come with the ability to turn these lights on you need Liteswich to do it!
  • How does LITESWICH work?
    Foolproof connection - uses the 7 pin wiring connection you normally plug in to your truck. Will ONLY work with campers that have a 7 pin connection. After you set up your camper just plug in the Liteswich . Switch the power switch and on come your lights including the amber and red lights on the front, side and rear. Uses the 12v power from your camper (uses the battery if not plugged into shore power) to power the lights.
  • What if my LITESWICH doesn't work?
    While very few people have a problem with their Liteswich there are common things that may need checking. Please contact us with any problems you have, but you can check the following things first. Liteswich should be a direct plug in and work - if it doesn't there may be a problem with either a fuse in your camper or with the Liteswich. Most often if the lights don't come on when using Liteswich we find one of the following fixes the problem: * If you are able to first thing is to try the Liteswich on another nearby camper if you are camping. If it works on this other camper the issue that needs fixing is almost positively within the camper that it isn't working on. * Ensure that your camper has a power source - the Liteswich has no power in it, rather it uses the power already in your camper. If your camper is plugged in to electricity it will use the inverter to power the lights. If it is not plugged in it will use the battery to power the lights. Many campers require a battery to be hooked up regardless, even when you are plugged in to electricity at the campground for this to work. * Ensure that all fuses and breakers in the power center in your camper are working properly and not blown. If your lights work when plugged in to your truck this should not be the problem. * The most common problem found by far when the switch isn't initially working is that your main fuse coming off of the battery is blown. This will keep the Liteswich from working. If this fuse is blown it also will keep your electric brakes from working in the emergency if your camper becomes separated while towing. This fuse may also keep your electric tongue jack from working when the RV is not plugged in. This is an in line fuse coming directly off of the battery, possibly to your tongue jack, and then back. Most people don't even know this fuse exists, but it has a very important function in the event of an emergency. Should your Liteswich be found defective after trying these few troubleshooting tips we will ship out a new one as soon as possible. Along with that we will ship out return postage for the old one so that we can investigate the problem for quality control.
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